Officers & Directors

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Adult Officers

Matt Ponce – (209) 402-1467
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Vice President:
Joe McCurley – (209)810-8258
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Membership/Rodeo Secretary:
Misty Balaam – (209) 968-8282
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Lauren Prosser – (209) 495-9300
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Immediate Past President:
Jeff Brazil
Duties: Sit at home and watch Cowboy Channel while drinking beer because he has so much free time now.

Student Officers

President: Colt Piazza

Vice President: Rose McPhee

Secretary: Layla Prosser

1st year High School Reps: Matt & Hailey Ponce

2nd year High School reps: Laura and Sage Stadler

JH reps: Catherine and Sara George

Adult & Student Directors


Arena Director: Brad Hammerstrom

Rough Stock Director: Brett Wertz
Student: Dustin Wertz

Team Roping Director: Russ Piazza
Student: Zane George

Tie Down/Ribbon Roping Director: Sean Wells
Student: Kevin Santos

Steer Wrestling/Chute Dogging Director: Pat James
Student: Mason Polhemus

Breakaway Director: Dan Erickson
Student: Ruby Reidel

Goat Tying Director: Travis Prosser
Student: Tessa James

Barrel Racing Director: Laura Stadler
Student: Sage Stadler

Pole Director: Sherry Keltner
Student:  Presley Cooper

Cutting Director: Brian Gruenig
Student: Ashlyn Machado

RCH Director: Rita McPhee
Student: Rose McPhee


ATV Fundraiser: Mandy Hart

Awards: Rita McPhee and Katie Viera

Church Service: Andra Erickson & Shawnda Green

Communications: Carly Piazza

Contestant Work Program Coordinators: Toni Borba, Erin Wells & Wendy Cooper

Cook Shack Director: Brian and Meridith Holloway & Dawn Brittain

Grade Verification: Heather Duvall

Grand Entry – Rita McPhee

Raffle – Amy Flanagan

Tractor and Water Truck Crew – Joe McCurley and Chad Parsons

Points – Junior: Carly Piazza and Johni Santucci

Points – High School: Brian Sharp

Rodeo Program Designer/Printer: Paul & Gina Hermann

Scholarships – Jill Polhemus

Sponsorships – Student: Gina Hermann

Timing Coordinators: Erin Wells & Wendy Cooper

Website: Brian Sharp


Sponsorships – Public: